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Fiven GmbH

Gertrudenstraße 30-36, 50667 Köln
Telephone +49 2203 956-410
Fax +49 2203 956-459

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.01  Charge materials for iron, steel and malleable iron casting
  • 04.01.03  Ferro-alloys


  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.01  Charge materials for iron, steel and malleable iron casting
  • 04.01.04  Alloying metals, master alloys

Our products

Product category: Alloying metals, master alloys


Metallurgical - SIKA® MET
Metallurgical grade silicon carbide is used in iron foundries and in steel mills in the form of loose grains or briquettes:

- As an energy booster in steel converters (LD/BOF) due to the exothermic reaction in the process.
- As a Si- and C-alloying additive in induction and cupola furnaces for cast iron production.
- As an inoculant in iron foundries.
- As a deoxidizing agent in ladle furnaces and electric arc furnaces during slag treatment.
Using silicon carbide improves the overall economics of iron and steel production. SIKA® MET provides the necessary alloying elements while reducing the quantities of additives needed and the energy consumption compared to substitute materials such as ferro-silicon.

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Product category: Alloying metals, master alloys


Refractory - SIKA® REF
Chemical inertness at high temperatures, high resistance to abrasion and to thermal shock make Silicon Carbide an attractive material for several refractory applications. Typical examples are kiln furniture, aluminium reduction cells, incinerators, bricks for blast furnaces and zinc furnaces, crucibles, monolithics, tap hole clays and runners for melting furnaces.

Our scale and long-standing experience in the refractory market make us a supplier of choice for customers sensitive to reliability of supply and consistency of quality.

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Product category: Alloying metals, master alloys


SiC Fine Ceramic Powders - SIKA® TECH
Taking advantage of the excellent characteristics of Silicon Carbide, such as chemical inertness at all temperatures, resistance to thermal shock and abrasion hardness and sinterability, the Technical Ceramics industry has developed a wide range of applications based on Silicon Carbide. The main applications for SiC based ceramics are kiln furniture, burner nozzles, sliding earings, process components for the Semiconductor industry, passive armor for the Security and Defense industries, seal rings and Diesel Particulate Filters for the Industrial and Automotive industries.
SiC-based ceramic components can be manufactured using several processes: 

- Nitride-bonded SiC
- Reaction bonded SiC
- Re-crystallized SiC
- Solid-state sintered SiC
- Liquid-phase sintered SiC
Through our product range SIKA® TECH, Fiven, previously known as Saint-Gobain Silicon Carbide, has been a pioneer in the development of SiC powders and ready-to-press granules for the production of technical ceramics and composite materials.

In addition to the powders, Fiven also offers ready-to-press (RTP) granules based on fine powders with specific surface areas typically ranging from 10 to 15 m²/g, sintering additives and temporary binders.

Special tailor-made Powders and RTP granules are available on request.

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Product category: Ferro-alloys, Alloying metals, master alloys


Abrasives - SIKA® ABR
Silicon Carbide is a ceramic material with an outstanding hardness, only surpassed by diamond, cubic boron nitride and boron carbide. Due to its high abrasion resistance and relatively low cost, Silicon Carbide is used as a loose- or fixed-abrasive material in a wide variety of applications. These hard and brittle abrasive grains which tend to break down under pressure make SiC item sharper, cut faster and produce finer scratch patterns on most surfaces.  Abrasive tools made from Silicon Carbide are commonly used for grinding steel, cast iron, tungsten carbide, aluminum & non-ferrous metal, plastic & rubber.

Fiven offers a whole range of macro and micro grits in both black and green quality and various particle size distributions based on FEPA, ANSI, JIS and CAMI standards.

A range of qualities is available, reflecting different surface treatments from air-dedusting and water-washing to surface chemical treatment.

In addition to these products, Fiven also offers tailor-made products to order.

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About us

Company portrait

The Fiven company is the result of a recent corporate carve-out of Saint-Gobain's Silicon Carbide business by OpenGate Capital. The experience and history of our business reaches back to over 100 years.

Fiven is clearly established as the worldwide leader in the business of silicon carbide grains and powders. At the heart of industry, we pride ourselves in serving many customers, leaders in their own segment, across the world, through long-term, trust-based relationships.