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Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) PJSC

P.O. Box 111023, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Telephone +971 2 5094444

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  • 01  Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Our products

Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

The metal of the future

Aluminium makes modern life possible, from the smartphone in your hand, to the plane you fly in, to the buildings where you live and work. As economies grow and living standards rise, industry experts expect that demand for aluminium will increase
We primarily supply metal directly to customers that use our aluminium to make products that ultimately touch lives worldwide.

EGA’s aluminium has been used to construct parts of landmark buildings such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Esplanade in Singapore.
Our aluminium is used in aeroplanes and transportation systems around the world, from the Dubai Metro to the Shinkansen in Japan.
Major car manufacturers use parts made with EGA’s aluminium.
Some of our customers manufacture packaging for well-known food and drinks brands.
EGA’s aluminium is also used in computers and other electronics products.
The most demanding customers rely on us because we have a track record of almost four decades in reliably supplying premium aluminium products, with world-class expertise and market insights to help customers achieve a competitive advantage in their markets.
EGA’s environmental performance has enabled EGA products to be declared suitable for sustainable building practices by both the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (the German Sustainable Building Council).
EGA is one of only a few primary aluminium producers that is accredited to ISO/TS16949, the quality management system for the automotive supply chain.

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Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering


Bauxite ore is the most common raw material used for producing alumina, which is the feedstock for aluminium smelting. Bauxite is a group of aluminium oxides.

Bauxite is named after the town of Les Baux-en-Provence in France, which is where the geologist Pierre Berthier first identified the mineral in 1821.
Aluminium is the third most abundant metal found in the Earth’s crust but it is never found free in nature. It has always reacted with other elements to form compounds such as aluminium oxides.
Deposits of bauxite tend to be found in tropical areas where it is formed through the weathering of aluminium-rich rocks over millions of years. The largest concentration of high quality bauxite is found in the north-west of the Republic of Guinea.
When our bauxite mine in the Republic of Guinea starts commercial production, we will become a global supplier of bauxite.
Our bauxite is relatively high in Gibbsite and low in Bohemite, reactive silica and organic impurities. Along with the fact that we will produce both low temperature and high temperature bauxite, this means it will be able to be processed by a wide variety of alumina refineries.

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Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Primary aluminium

Emirates Global Aluminium’s product range includes more than 330 individual primary aluminium products that are made to customer specifications, and most of our aluminium is allocated to customers a year in advance.

Among the world’s most versatile metals, aluminium is used by our customers to create a wide range of products that make modern life possible – from smartphones and building materials to food packaging and car parts.
The average purity of EGA’s aluminium in 2018 was 99.91 per cent, one of the highest average purities of any aluminium company.
Certain pots at our Jebel Ali site produce aluminium with an exceptionally high purity of 99.96 per cent, which is used in specialist aviation and electronics applications.
In 2018, EGA produced the highest volume of value added products – or ‘premium aluminium’ – of any company worldwide. This means that EGA is a global industry leader in creating additional value from its primary aluminium. Value added products accounted for 87 per cent of our output in 2018.
We have 20 casting stations at our smelters in Jebel Ali and Al Taweelah, which gives us significant flexibility to make the products that our customers require to meet their market needs.
Not only do we supply our customers with the exact aluminium they need, we also help them understand what they need and advise them how they can get the best out of their metal.
EGA works on innovative projects with customers and academics to develop new alloys and enable better understanding of the mechanical properties of existing alloys.
Our technical experts also advise customers, at their request, on the best and most cost-effective alloys to meet their mechanical requirements.
We work with customers to help them improve their own manufacturing processes as and when required, and we use our expertise in aluminium to help customers understand their manufacturing challenges and how to overcome them.

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