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Bianchi S.r.l.

Regione Cesolo, 13, 13011 Borgosesia (Vc)
Telephone +39 0163 22755
Fax +39 0163 27833

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.03  Core making machines and plants
  • 05.03.01  Core blowing and shooting machines and plants

Core blowing and shooting machines and plants

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.04  Fettling installations
  • 11.04.02  Sawing machines

Sawing machines

Our products

Product category: Core blowing and shooting machines and plants

FAC 50

Fac 50 IS THE ELDER SISTER OF fac 25, strengthening all its characteristics of versatily, speed and method of use; it can operate in automatic, semiautomatic and manual cycles. It is an excellent machine for producing sanitary taps abd fittings with the HOT BOX system and, on request, with the SHELL MOULDING method (with pre-lined sand), as well as being the most suitable machine for producing water meters.

The reason for its creation lies in the requirements of a clientele more and more interested in bigger assembling moulds which can contain two or more casts in order ton increase production considerably.

The machine is supplied wuth electrical plates with an independent temperature control; the blowing head has a 5 lt capacity and the sand dosage to form the core is metered automatically through an electronic sensor which mesures the right quantity. The cores which, thanks to the new system of cast clamping, are of excellent quality, after baking are automaticlly deposited onto a conveyor belt which takes them directly to the operators position.

FAC 50 ELECTRON is also supplied with a control panel with PLC system complete with a display that signals the machine operations and carries out check-ups af any possible malfunction.

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Product category: Core blowing and shooting machines and plants

FAC S 25

FAC 25 is the most modern machine conceived for the prioduction of cores with the HOT BOX method by using UREA and FURAN resins. In designig this new machine our aim was to improve the performance of the SPa model with a new constructive criterion, maintaining the foundmental characteristics of versatility that have caused it to be appreciated worldwide.

The mixture container is made of stainless steel in order to reduce its cleaning and upkeep: thus, the production is completely automatized even without the presence of the operator. The lifthing system has been completely renewed, making it more pratical and increasing the length of the stroke from 110 to 130 mm.

The moulds assembling has been simplified and enables the use of larger core boxer: with the possibility of moving lenthwise and crosswise, the perfect closing was subsequently obtained by an improved adjustment.

Both the heating of the moulds, that can be regulated separately, and the heating of the lifting pins occurs by means of low voltage electric resistances. The operating cycle time (baking excepted) is reduced from 9 to 7 sec.: at the end of the “baking” phase the cores are collected by the simultaneous expulsion movement out of the mould and the moving up and down of the conveyot belt that carries them.

The FAC 25 is supplied with an electromechanic control coard and the functions are regulated by means of timers.

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Product category: Core blowing and shooting machines and plants, Sawing machines

HB S 3.0

The latest BIANCHI SRL core blowing machine design is the HB S 3.0, a new concept for high-speed core production, in HOT-BOX by using UREA and FURAN resins and also, using a special fitting, in SHELL molding method. The HB S 3.0 may be used from all the foundries fields, light alloy (brass, bronze, copper, aluminium) and cast iron and steel.

The HB S 3.0, with the new electronic metering controls of sand, is a completely automatic machine wich gives A NOTABLE INCREASE OF THE PRODUCTION and moreover a single operator can look after several machines.

The hydraulics and hermetic clamping of molds and the heating plates realised with a indeformable material consent to obtain the compact and strong cores without residual fraze also with low injection pressure.

At request it is possible to program and to monitor the working of the machine from a remote office by means of a “supervisor system”, applicable on the machine; moreover it is possible to catalogue, to memorize and to file all the core box parameters in a proper book of recipes.


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About us

Company portrait

BIANCHI S.r.l. is a leading company for the production of CORE SHOOTINGmachines with the HOT-BOX system (using siliceous sands mixed with ureic or furanic resins) and COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC “CUT-OFF” machines for the cutting of sprues, runners, risers and flashes of casting pieces.

The core shooting machines are mainly suitable for foundries and taps, 
faucets, fittings and components manufacturers of the hydro-sanitary 
sector, for the manufacturer of valves and water meters.
Our core shooting machines can also produce full cores using SHELL MOLDING (pre-covered sands - Kroning) therefore they are also suitable for the 
manufacturer of motor and cylinder components.
The automatic one or two stations sprue cutting machines are suitable 
for brass, bronze and aluminium foundries.

Our over forty years long experience together with our specialization 
and care of the products allow us to manufacture machineries always 
tuning with the specific market requests and able to satisfy a range of customers from the small artisan companies to the greatest industries.

The testimonials from the most prestigious brands of the sector and the 
presence of more than 1600 Bianchi’s machines in more than 50 countries are the warranty of the quality and the reliability of our company.

Our aim is customer satisfaction therefore we take great care in 
respecting of the delivery times, warehouse availability of spare parts 
and an accurate after-sales service and assistance.