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CMI Novacast, Inc.

500 East Touhy Ave. Unit B, 60018 Des Plaines, IL
Telephone +1 847 6999020
Fax +1 847 6999023

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  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.01  Pouring equipment
  • 10.01.02  Pouring equipment, dosing

Our products

Product category: Pouring equipment, dosing

CMI Novacast PG Series Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Pumps

The CMI Novacast PG series electromagnetic pumps are used for transferring molten aluminum or zinc in a controlled and non-turbulent manner for low pressure filling of sand, permanent or semi-permanent molds. The pumps can also be used as a metering device for filling of molds via gravity. CMI Novacast electromagnetic pumps last longer in the furnace, cost less to maintain and operate, and deliver more consistent, precise, and better performance than any other pumps in their class.

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Product category: Pouring equipment, dosing

CMI Novacast LA Series Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Pumps

CMI Novacast's LA series 3-phase linear annular induction pumps are constructed of stainless steel for pumping metals such as Na, NaK, K, and others. Some metals may require that the pump be made from other materials. The metal flows through the annular space between two concentric tubes, the inner of the two containing a magnetic core, through which the lines of a moving radial magnetic field are looped. The field is developed by a 3-phase stator around the tube. The flow of induced currents is circular, within the annular space, cutting the lines of the field. An axially exerted force then results, moving the liquid metal through the pump. Thermocouples are provided to monitor temperature, and cooling is provided to prevent damage to the components during operations up to 600° C. The absence of moving parts within the pumped liquid eliminates the need for seals and bearings that are found in conventional mechanical pumps, thus minimizing leaks, maintenance, and repairs, and improves reliability.

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Product category: Pouring equipment, dosing

CMI Novacast CA Series Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Pumps

The CMI Novacast CA series of electromagnetic pumps are typically made of stainless steel. Force is imparted to the metal in the pump according to the Left Hand Rule for motors, where if there is a current carrying conductor that is in a magnetic field, the conductor experiences a force which is perpendicular to the flow of current and the magnetic flux.

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About us

Company portrait

CMI NOVACAST manufactures electromagnetic pumps and flow meters for liquid metal.

Utilizing no moving parts, the pumps create no turbulence. The automated molten metal delivery system features low pressure pumping that offers innovation and cost savings to the light metal casting industry. The pump is computer controlled with the ability to store and recall many different profiles. Electromagnetic pumps, controls, and launder systems are able to produce more castings of better quality in less time.

Originally developed for the aluminum foundry industry, CMI Novacast pumps have grown to fulfill the needs of many other metals. CMI Novacast has built pumps for aluminum, zinc, sodium, mercury, potassium, NaK, and magnesium. The pump flow rates are very controllable with instantaneous changes. This technology is suitable for many metals at temperatures up to 1472° F/800° C.