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H.T. Solutions srl

Via Bergamo, 2, 24050 Mozzanica (BG)
Telephone +39 0363 340124
Fax +39 0363 341622

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THERMPROCESS 2019 hall map (Hall 9): stand B23

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Giampaolo Boscaro

Sales Manager
Sales Department

Via Bergamo, 2
24050 Mozzanica (BG), Italy

+39 0363 340124
+39 0336 1925125


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Product category: Heat treating


Furnace in air or in an inert atmosphere of nitrogen or argon with cooling in a water bath for solubilization of titanium and aluminum. The heating chamber is placed in the upper part and has the door opening in two halves. The tub cooling water is positioned in the lower part and is positioned in the pit. The travel speed of the charge from the hot chamber to the cooling tank is the strategic characteristic for the treatment of titanium and aluminum.

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Product category: Heat treating


This sintering furnace allows you to perform sintering powders. According to technology and material selection processes can be performed at temperatures from 1400°C to 2200°C and in direct or indirect pressures up to 100bar. The dimensions are generally contained because the application is normally reserved for the treatment of prototypes or samples of reduced size. These ovens can be up to maximum loads of 200kg.

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Product category: Heat treating

HT-S1 ALL-IN-ONE Furnaces

Vacuum Furnace with horizontal or vertical loading with front bottom loading. Three sizes are available for the treatment of small lots of production, of particular of small size and low weight. It is equipped with a series of accessories that make it completely autonomous in operation. The characteristic of compactness makes it particularly suitable for installation in workshops, small production facilities; the simplicity of use makes it suitable even for inexperienced users.

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Product category: Heat treating


In this  category the horizontal door furnaces.   These furnaces are able to execute all heat treatments on both small and medium-large charges, ensuring high quality  treatment results.
They are available in different sizes and can be  produced in different configurations with the thermal chamber in either graphite or metal, low or high vacuum according to their intended use.
For this reason they are able to provide an adequate response to every  treatment need in the  various fields of application.

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Product category: Heat treating


In the case where the size of the pieces to be treated, in addition to the length require special loading solutions, as in the case of blades or broaches, it is important that the positioning is done in order to unify and distribute the tensions of the parts to be treated, for example, with  positioning in suspension.   In this way deformations are minimized and the consequent need o for mechanical machining subsequent to the treatment is reduced.
To meet these requirements, it is appropriate to choose a specific product.  The VTL furnace series  offer the best treatment  results

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Product category: Heat treating


Cold wall tempering furnaces are built to satisfy needs in  surface and heat treatments at medium-low temperature;
The thermal uniformity ensured even at low temperatures  means they perfectly meet  specific demands especially in strategic sectors where regulations impose very rigid observance parameters.
The optimization applied to the treatment processes makes them also suitable to complete the range of furnaces  with a good heat treating department.

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Product category: Heat treating


Hot wall tempering furnaces offer the great advantage of an extremely clean treatment environment by lacking any disturbance element  within the chamber that  may cause  contamination during different phases of the heat treatment.
Those furnaces are built for all treatments at medium temperatures, even for stress relieving and stabilizing anneal.
The heating phase is carried out under pressure by an inert gas that facilitates irradiance and improves thermal uniformity.

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Product category: Heat treating


Vacuum brazing of aluminium, a very widespread treatment for the production of elements in the heating industry and in the automotive sectors, requires specific furnaces.   Even without having to reach high temperature, there is the need   for a very clean work environment and an adequate vacuum level.
BRSA furnaces series are specially manufactured for these treatments.   Made with a metallic thermal chamber and new  shape of the heating elements, designed to guarantee optimum  radiation and absence of deformation.

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About us

Company portrait

We build vacuum and high vacuum furnaces for the heat treatment and surface treatment of metals. Thanks to synergies with experts in the areas of heat treatment, metallurgy and steels and our constant commitment to the research and development of new technological solutions, we can offer an excellent product and top-level service.

We have built up immense experience and achieved excellent results in the production, sale and maintenance of vacuum and high vacuum furnaces, constantly expanding our technical and specialist knowledge to keep our vacuum furnaces’ technology at the state of the art, for an offering always in line with the demands of the toughest production sectors. Our highly qualified technical staff are able to offer continually evolving solutions and support to provide the right answers to every production sector’s needs. This, our philosophy, has a single aim: to offer our Customers high performance industrial vacuum and high vacuum furnaces and a fast, reliable, effective sales, repair and maintenance service that helps them to overcome the challenges of the global marketplace.