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Quaker Houghton Sales BV

Industrieweg 7, 1422 AH Uithoorn
Telephone +31 297 544-644
Fax +31 297 544-694

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.03  Peripheral equipment and auxiliary materials for die casting (die casting dies see 17.03.01)
  • 10.03.04  Release agents for die-casting

Our products

Product category: Release agents for die-casting


Die Release Agents

Water soluble lubricant and water free die release agents for aluminum, zinc and magnesium high pressure die casting operations. These products are known for their excellent release and die protection, no staining, minimal buildup, stable emulsions and bright castings. DIE SLICK® products form a resilient die film that resists soldering and promotes good metal flow.
Contains our state of the art, Smart Polymer Technology blend that forms a tough barrier on hot areas of the die while lightly coating cooler less demanding areas. This unique property translates to reduced solder, a enhanced release and wetting characteristics while producing bright and clean castings. forms a tough barrier on hot areas of the die while lightly coating cooler less demanding areas. This unique property translates to reduced solder, enhanced release and wetting characteristics reducing bright and clean castings.

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Product category: Release agents for die-casting


Water Soluble Lubricants and Oil Based Plunger Lubricants

PLUNGER SLICK® lubricants withstand high temperatures for plunger tips and sleeves used in high pressure die casting applications. Enhanced tip and sleeve life is achieved by incorporating specialized additives that allow for proper lubrication at different pressures and temperatures encountered during the shot cycle. PLUNGER SLICK® is known for excellent boundary lubrication, strong adherence to the plunger tip, reduced smoke, no staining, and minimal buildup in the sleeve. PLUNGER SLICK® can be used over a wide range of metals including steel, cast iron and copper-beryllium. We supply low viscosity plunger lubricants perfect for spray applications as well as high viscosity lubricants ideal for automatic lubricators.

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Product category: Release agents for die-casting


Ladle Coatings

High solids, ceramic-based coatings for ladles and other areas exposed to molten metal which provides a protective coating that will not adhere to molten alloys. LADLE SLICK™ incorporates a blend of ceramic and metal oxides with high thermal stability that forms a protective layer between the molten metal and the ladle or trough surface. LADLE SLICK™ can be used on thermocouples, stalk tubes, troughs, skimmers and automatic or manual ladles. LADLE SLICK® increases ladle life, reduces flash, and will keep your equipment protected and performing longer with minimal smoke and staining.

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About us

Company portrait

Unique Products. Dependable People.

Since 1918, Quaker has been establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with leading customers in primary metals, metalworking, and other basic process industries all over the world. Today, we have a global presence in 21 countries and 35 locations, with over 50% of 2017 net sales outside the U.S. We are also well positioned for growth in key emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil.

Quaker’s corporate headquarters is located in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, with regional headquarters in Uithoorn, The Netherlands, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Shanghai, China. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol KWR, and has a long track record of financial consistency and strength.
While working hard to meet customers’ needs, we also feel a strong sense of responsibility to our Associates, to the communities in which we operate and to the natural environment.

Our efforts in quality have been acknowledged by the International Organization for Standardization, with ISO 9001 ratings at our own facilities, as well as at customer sites where we deliver services and products directly. Many of our facilities are also ISO 14001 certified and rated by accredited companies such as Lloyd’s, British Standards Institute (BSI), and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).