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General Kinematics Corporation

5050 Rickert Rd., 60014 Crystal Lake, IL
Telephone +49 211 54225010
Fax +49 211 54225015

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.04  Auxiliary melting and melt processing facilities
  • 02.04.01  Charging plants

Charging plants

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.01  Knock-out
  • 11.01.01  Knock-out and cooling drums and conduits

Knock-out and cooling drums and conduits

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.01  Knock-out
  • 11.01.03  Cooling conveyors

Our products

Product category: Cooling conveyors

Vibrating Casting Cooling Conveyors

Casting Cooling Vibrating Conveyors from General Kinematics gently convey and cool castings. Custom designed cooling conveyors can include full hooding, air handling systems, stroke control, and more. General Kinematics vibrating conveyors are custom engineered and tuned to run near their natural frequency. This design allows the vibrating units to operate so that 90% of the force required to move your product is naturally created. The remaining 10% is provided using General Kinematics low horsepower, high efficiency drive system.

Vibrating casting cooling conveyors can be designed in infinite lengths and widths. For constrained space applications, view our SPIRA-COOL® Casting Cooling Spirals.

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Product category: Cooling conveyors


General Kinematics SPIRA-COOL® Casting Cooling Conveyors save you space and reduce your foundation and maintenance costs. Custom designed to your process, each vibratory SPIRA-COOL® can replace over 400 feet of vibrating casting cooling conveyors in a single, small footprint while elevating your castings for further sorting or shot blast operations. Our patented air chamber design cools castings efficiently and quietly. The vibratory spiral design shuffles castings in an oriented path with no casting damage. An added bonus is the addition of sand collection built into the deck, which is deposited to a single vibrating sand removal conveyor. The SPIRA-COOL® Casting Cooling Spiral operates with 1/3 the horsepower requirements over competitive designs with no vibration transmitted into surrounding areas.

The SPIRA-COOL® Casting Cooling Spiral contains all the ventilation duct work in a single location reducing the ventilation costs and quickly cooling your castings with a high velocity nozzle system. Air stream is designed with a patented dropout box reducing fines emission to your dust collection system.

  • Energy efficient low horsepower drives vibrate entire spiral.
  • Easy maintenance of drive components, with quick replaceability.
  • Capability of handling heavy and fragile castings.
  • Decks can be designed specifically for the casting you wish to cool.
  • Quiet operation, even when fully loaded with material.
  • Replaces up to 400′ of cooling conveyor, saving you considerable space within your facility.
  • Elevates product for further processing down the line.

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Product category: Knock-out and cooling drums and conduits

Blast Unload Conveyors

General Kinematics vibrating Blast Unload Conveyors quietly and efficiently transfer castings post-blast. Utilizing GK’s proven vibratory conveyor drive technology, vibrating Blast Unload Conveyors receive your cleaned castings from the blast machine and convey them away from the blast area for further processing. Conveyors are available with noise suppressing or rubberized decks to reduce noise and casting damage.

GK’s patented TWO-WAY™ Feeder drive upgrade allows for completely horizontal conveying. This further reduces noise and is ideal for fragile castings. The TWO-WAY™ can also be automatically controlled to change direction of flow if there is a problem somewhere down the line.

  • Available with GK’s standard conveyor drive or with our patented TWO-WAY™ flat stroke drive.
  • Noise suppressing decks keep surrounding areas quiet.
  • Rubber deck linings can be included to prevent casting damage.
  • Bi-directional designs can change material flow depending on your process.

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From the scrap yard to shipping, General Kinematics foundry equipment has a solution to improve your foundry flow and productivity…