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KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH

Eduard-Rhein-Str. 2, 53639 Königswinter
Telephone +49 2244 9248-0
Fax +49 2244 9248-30

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 21  Exhaust and ventilation technology
  • 21.01  Exhaust systems

Exhaust systems

  • 22  Environmental protection and waste removal
  • 22.01  Flue gas cleaning plants

Flue gas cleaning plants

Our products

Product category: Filters and filter materials

KMA gas scrubber for air purification in food processing facilities

The scrubber is designed for the separation of odour, gas, and fumes, and operates according to the absorption principle.

Gas and fumes contained in the waste air are first captured and then separated by an appropriate washing liquid.

The KMA gas scrubber is characterized by high separation performance and low water consumption.

The scrubber can also be used as a humidifier before waste air enters into the biological filter

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Product category: Filters and filter materials

The automatic KMA Filter Cleaning System

Unmachted due comfort and washing result – the KMA CIP
All KMA ULTRAVENT® Filter systems offer the possibility of integrating an automatic filter cleaning system in the filter housing.

The cleaning system operates mostly automatically and requires no presence of staff. The launch can be done manually on the remote control or pre-programmed by specifying a day and time.

Clean – without fail
The filter cleaning is important in order to assure permanently high filter function. Experience shows that (CIP) cleaning assures best cleaning results, as there is no need for service manpower.

The automatic KMA filter cleaning systems allow the regular and work-saving cleaning of the filter cells and thus ensure minimal maintenance. The intelligent control of the cleaning system reduces simultaneously the consumption of the washing water and cleaning agents.

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Product category: Filters and filter materials

ULTRAVENT® Electrostatic filter cells for high grade air purification

Strong in separation performance. Small in energy consumption.
ULTRAVENT® Electrostatic filter cells allow the high-grade separation of smoke, dust, fine mist and also sticky or greasy aerosols. “Blue haze” caused by the use of release agents gets separated effectively as well.

The energy consumption of our electrostatic filter cells for an exhaust air volume of 5.000 m3/h meets the energy consumption of a 100 W light bulb.
The ionization electrodes generate a strong electrical field with very low use of energy. Dust particles, smoke and aerosols are attracted by the collector plates due to the electrostatic forces. The electrostatic filter is regularly cleaned by an automatic cleaning system to avoid the accumulation of emissions on the collector plates and to ensure its high separation performance.

The filter cells are characterized by the particularly robust design: frame and carrying bars made of stainless steel, insulators in oil-resistant ceramics, optimized design for the separation of liquid or viscous substances. These features make sure that the electrostatic filter is an economical and durable filter medium for many applications.

Often two categories of contaminants are captured in the electrostatic collection cell. One kind of the filtered substances is liquid, drips off the collection plates, and is collected in a recuperation tank. The oil separated here can often be reused. The second type forms a greasy, oily or encrusted deposit on the filter surface.

Unsuitable filter types can quickly plug and become ineffective, leading to excessive costs associated with filter replacement and disposal. However, electrostatic precipitators never obstruct the air flow through the exhaust system.

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About us

Company portrait

Our conviction – Clean Air. Save Energy.

KMA Umwelttechnik is an owner-managed family enterprise, which had been established in 1959 by Josef Kurtsiefer as a metal processing company. In the beginnings the company concentrated on the production of doors, gates and metal facades. But in the 1970s followed soon the change to the plant construction.

The emerging laws for the environmental protection have led to the specialization in exhaust air filtration systems for the food industry. In the course of the company´s extension KMA expanded its delivery program to additional application areas as for example metal industry, foundries, textile industry and further industrial areas for use.