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STEULER-KCH GmbH Refractory Linings

Berggarten 1, 56427 Siershahn
Telephone +49 2623 600-768
Fax +49 2623 600-305

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.01  Refractory ramming mixtures

Refractory ramming mixtures

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.02  Refractory bricks

Refractory bricks

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.03  Refractory gating system parts
  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.04  Insulating materials and products
  • 26  Consulting, design, service and engineering

Consulting, design, service and engineering

Our products

Product category: Refractory gating system parts

Coatings, Tile and Brick Linings in the Construction Industry

  • Industrial floor coatings and acid-proof tile linings (combined linings) for all areas of the plant
  • Coating systems with national technical approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (§§ 62/63) that are suitable for use in storage, loading and handling areas as well as collection basins
  • Synthetic resin and water glass-based mortars
  • Mechanically anchored thermoplastic systems (BEKAPLAST®) for trenches, pits and vessels
  • Mechanically anchored stainless steel lining systems for surface areas, plants and rooms subject to extremely high mechanical stress (BEKASTEEL®)

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Product category: Insulating materials and products

Industrial Corrosion Protection for the Plant Engineering Industry

STEULER-KCH is the specialist when it comes to the lining of vessels, plant equipment, collection pans and plants with corrosion protection systems – and has been for many years, both in Germany and around the world. Whether it involves a new plant or the repair and revision of an existing one: we supply reliable system solutions for the most diverse requirements in the plant engineering sector. Put us to the test! We'd be more than happy to advise you on the best material for your particular project.

STEULER-KCH's expertise and many years of experience in the field of plant engineering ensures that process vessels and equipment, as well as production areas themselves, can economically fulfil their function in the long term. Our international network of subsidiaries and affiliates guarantees the successful implementation of our customer's projects anywhere in the world. Our local specialists are there to provide you with expert advice on-site, and if desired, to take over responsibility for the entire process, up to and including installation and supervision, on your behalf.

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Product category: Refractory gating system parts

Industrial Corrosion Protection in the Waste Incineration Industry

Waste incineration plants are expected to work with ever increasing efficiency – and to do so at high operating temperatures with extreme temperature fluctuations, high mechanical stresses and chemical attack in aggressive environments. The overall result is a growth in the demands being made on acid-resistant corrosion protection linings for waste incinerators.

High gas temperatures, sulphur compounds, phosphoric acid and highly aggressive hydrofluoric acid call for special lining materials, as well as for experienced detail engineering for the various plant stages and for critical areas such as inlets and outlets.

STEULER-KCH has many years of practical experience with a wide variety of different processing plants and production methods. As a supplier of turnkey industrial corrosion protection solutions, we undertake the entire engineering design work, material deliveries and installation of corrosion protection systems for waste incinerators.

Rubber liners or synthetic resin coating systems are used as protective membranes. Insulating fire bricks, foam glass and acid-resistant ceramics are used for insulation in the various process areas. Due to fluoride compounds and hydrofluoric acid, carbon and graphite bricks are also used as a reliably protection against chemical attack and elevated temperatures.

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