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VIGOT Industrietechnik GmbH

Ingolstädter Str. 7, 28219 Bremen
Telephone +49 421 38994-0
Fax +49 421 38994-39

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GIFA 2019 hall map (Hall 10): stand A46

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GIFA 2019 fairground map: Hall 10


Frank Köthke


+49 421 38994-14
+49 170 2294903


Andreas Koch


+49 208 206 395-61
+49 160 95688391


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.05  Melting and holding furnaces, accessories
  • 02.05.05  Other accessories
  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.04  Insulating materials and products

Insulating materials and products

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.01  Pouring equipment
  • 10.01.07  Pouring equipment and plants, other

Pouring equipment and plants, other

  • 13  Welding and cutting
  • 13.02  Welding installations and accessories
  • 20  Compressed-air technology
  • 20.01  Compressed-air plants and accessories

Compressed-air plants and accessories

Our products

Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering, Insulating materials and products, Other accessories, Pouring equipment and plants, other, Welding installations and accessories, Compressed-air plants and accessories

Fire Sleeve F 88 SC Hose / Strips and Pads

VIGOT fire sleeves are made of a mineral backing material with a special impregnated coating. This heat protection mesh is harmless and fully meets the requirements of health and safety regulations. The special coating is self-extinguishing and does not contain halogenated flameproof substances.

The coatings are resistant to oil and solvents. They have top mechanical resistance as well as good wear resistance.
Thanks to the extraordinary thickness of the mesh, backing material and coating, the sleeves can reach extremely high levels of short-term resistance to high temperatures, puncturing and heat transfer.

MAXIMALL® Firesleeve F88 Basalt eco - the Hidden Champion

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Product category: Welding installations and accessories

Compressed-air hoses

Pneumatically actuated subassemblies and tools operate with a reliable compressed-air conveying system. VIGOT can supply you with compressed-air hoses that are thoroughly tried-and-tested in many fields and ready to meet any challenge. These are just some of the products in the range:

Compressor hose DIN 20018
Robust, flexible, compressed-air hose made of rubber, designed for tough operating conditions. Equally suitable for freshwater, seawater and contaminated water.

TRIX® Blaustrahl / Blue Ray
Branded pressure hose for heavy-duty operation with compressed air. Conforms to EN ISO 2398. Highly flexible and robust. Good resistance to oil. Electrically conductive. Contains no LABS, stripping agents or grease.

Super Nobelair® Soft
Plastic compressed-air hose, especially light and flexible. Ideal for supplying compressed air to pneumatic tools. TÜV-tested.

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Company news



20 Jun 2019

Fire Sleeve F88 Basalt eco for workplaces exposed to extremely high heat

New development: F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve
* Extended service life thanks to constant very high fire resistance
* Improved protection of people and materials

With the F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve, VIGOT is bringing a new development to market that was designed especially for workplaces exposed to extremely high heat, such as blast furnaces. This innovation complements the selection of MAXIMALL® hose systems that are already commonly used in metallurgy today.  

The F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve is made of braided or knitted basalt fibres with a silicone coating for convincing, outstanding temperature characteristics. It maintains its functionality even at the highest continuous temperature exposure. An extreme temperature range for short-term flame use is also tolerated. The performance remains outstanding even with partial overheating.

The consistently very high fire resistance of the F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve protects the material, increases the service life and thus meets the high demands of the workplace.

Especially in view of the safety of personnel at blast furnaces and other workplaces exposed to high heat, the F88 Basalt eco fire sleeve is an important new development. It integrates seamlessly into the series of innovations developed by VIGOT under the motto “safety first”. 

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20 Jun 2019

VIGOT presents MAXIMALL® Metallurgy Industry

Right on time for GIFA 2019, VIGOT presents the MAXIMALL® Metallurgy brand on its website. We have gathered all the important information about the different types of hoses and hose lines as well as the matching fittings, pipe connections and clamps in a comprehensive folder for you. For the download please click the link below or inform yourself with our website and current eCatalogue.

On our website you will find all products of MAXIMALL® Metallurgy: Cooling water hoses as well as fire protection hoses with mats and fittings or under abrasion-resistant hoses the coal injection hose. A comprehensive data sheet with all information can be downloaded on the site.

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About us

Company portrait

VIGOT presents the hose system MAXIMALL® Metallurgy Industry and the Hidden Champion Fire Sleeve F88. VIGOT Industrietechnik is one of the leading manufacturers and assemblers of ready-to-install hose assemblies in Germany.

VIGOT Industrietechnik

Proximity to the customer through continuity & expansion

VIGOT makes connections: more than 150 years after the company based in Bremen was founded, its motto and value proposition are more timely than ever. Especially since the proven MAXIMALL® hose system has recently been expanded into industry-specific ranges. The head office in Bremen was considerably expanded in 2017. With operating establishments in Mainz (Rhine-Main) and now also in Mülheim/Ruhr (Rhine-Ruhr), VIGOT has strengthened its presence across Germany.

VIGOT is part of the SCHAUENBURG INTERNATIONAL group of companies and one of the leading assemblers and manufacturers of ready to install hoses in Germany. All innovations and changes notwithstanding, the company naturally remains committed to the uncompromising quality that has always defined VIGOT.

This is also reflected by the fact that VIGOT is approved by various classification organisations as an authorised assembler of individual products and holds all relevant certificates. Quality assurance is comprehensive and consistent.

VIGOT is blazing new trails in the development of industry-specific hose systems with the MAXIMALL® brand. Segmentation within the brand allows the company to offer complete solutions from one source for various industries, effectively boosting the economic efficiency of the industry partners. Currently the brand includes hose systems in four segments: MAXIMALL® wind power for power engineering, the MAXIMALL® cooling water hose for metallurgy, the proven MAXIMALL® F88 fire protection hose for railway engineering and the hidden champion MAXIMALL® S 2000 for defence technology. The market-driven and technically mature systems are convincing from an economical, ecological and safety engineering perspective. Industry-specific brand-name solutions for additional segments will be added over time.

Service has recently been selectively optimised. This is not only reflected in the expanded fleet for mobile hose inspection on site. The introduction of the e-catalogue on the Internet, the digital hose register for the documentation of inspection results and the relaunch of the ERP system also express a company philosophy that makes customer proximity – experienced in practice – the highest priority, also and especially in view of the industry’s digital transformation.

Innovative product development, industry-specific solutions, an extended range of services and an expanded local presence: those are the key elements of an integrated expansion strategy that benefits customers in various industrial sectors directly. They include customers in the automotive, railway engineering, shipbuilding, aviation and aerospace, chemicals, and food industry as well as those in the steel industry and defence technology. VIGOT works closely with other companies in the SCHAUENBURG INTERNATIONAL group. Synergies are actively utilised in the interest of customers.

Customer proximity through expansion and continuity: VIGOT is accompanying its industry partners on the way into the 21st century.

Company data

Foundation 1864
Area of business
  • Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering
  • Melting shop
  • Refractory technology
  • Welding and cutting
  • Heat treating and drying furnaces
  • Compressed-air technology