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An oppotunity to introduce the heavy-duty positioning sensors such as "100% Absolute-rotary Encoder", "High-precision Linear-type for AGC with the order-to-made housing", and "Your-own-cylinder Become Positioning sensor".

You can find all of your sensor problem solustions in Coke, Casters, Hot Mills, Steel & Iron Producing, Cold Mills, Structual Mills and Wire Mills jut to name a few.

The best way to meet the solution of position sensor:  VISIT "NSD: Hall 3 / C36."

-Key words
ABSOCODER - VRE ( Single-turn type) MRE (Multi-turn type) VLS (Linear type), VARICAM, VARILIMIT, NCV converter, PULPUL, VARIANALG, VR Tension, ezABSO

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