Sarralle S.L.


The ArcelorMittal plant in Olaberria (Spain) has entrusted Sarralle with the complete modernization of its Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), which will increase the productivity and improve the efficiency of the fusion process. It is a turnkey project that includes the complete revamping of the furnace, the combustion chamber and foresees the implementation of the Sarralle Level II Automation technology for this process, based on predictive models. The start-up is scheduled for September and the furnace will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology developed entirely by Sarralle, improving the performance of the ArcelorMittal Olaberria (Spain) production process while increasing productivity by 30%.

The renovation of the installation will adequate a significant reduction in the power off time, the time in maintenance shutdowns, the energy consumption and the electrode consumption. In addition, the post-combustion process will be improved, generating a more efficient fume treatment process and reducing the temperature of the steam at the outlet of the chamber by redesigning the installation through the use of advanced dynamic simulation tools of gases.

The Sarralle Level II Automation technolgy bases its operation, among other parameters, on predictive models, real-time data collection and the updated cost of materials and energy. This allows first, the definition and then, the adjustment of the process dynamically and automatically, according to the best possible strategy. Further, the Sarralle Level II Automation makes it possible to achieve in a short time and consistently the maintenance of the optimal procedure of the process. It facilitates the use and decision making by the operator and allows to achieve immediate benefits in the performance and cost operative of the merger process.

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