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Sarralle has been awarded with two projects from the Megasa Group (dedicated to the production and distribution of long steel products), to renew the fume extraction system in the two plants that the company owns in Portugal, specifically in Lisbon (Seixal) and in Porto (Maia).

The new eco-technology Bluesky-Plant® offered by Sarralle is a technological advance since, with the filtering of the fumes and with the injection of paricles of various metarials, it guarantees the restrictive limitation of the European Environmental Regulations.

The aim of both systems of aspiration is to improve the extraction of fumes from both plants throughout the manufacturing process, which in practice will prevent the accumulation of exhaust in the facilities, improving the air quality and the health of the employees and minimizing emissions to the exterior contributing to the conservation of a cleaner atmosphere.

These are important projects developed with an eco-efficient management of the production processes, which means not only reducing the volume and pollution of the waste generated, but also increasing the competitiveness of our customers. Sarralle contributes to the sustainable economy by offering eco-friendly engineering solutions with the recovery of steel dust among others.

Turnkey projects
The fume extraction system Bluesky-Plant® from the plant in Seixal (Lisbon) is the one with greater scope. The installation was designed to be adaptable to future extensions of productivity, including a larger extraction capacity. The works will be completed in December 2019, month in which the new equipment will start up. On the other hand, the installacion and commissioning of the equipment at the Maia plant (Oporto) is scheduled for the summer of 2019. Sarrall will execute both turnkey projects, including engineering, manufacturing and assembly work and start-up.

The project will be equipped with the ATEX certificate for explosive atmospheres, which guarantees the equipment, environment and systems of protection of the site are suitable to work in explosive atmospheres, providing greater safety to the workers of the plant.

Sarralle’s relationship with Megasa Group began 13 years ago and since then, Sarralle has undertaken multiple projects for Megasa in plants in Portugal and Spain (Galicia). Sarralle is a clearly exporting company and exports around 80% of its turnover. Europe is its main market and the mentioned projects aggregate a considerable opportunity for the consolidation in the geographic framework in the steel industry with new environmental engineering solutions.

In recent years Sarralle has accomplished several projects in the area of fume extraction system, applying its new eco-technology Bluesky-Plant®.

Bluesky-Plant® is decisively contributing to the adaptation that many mills are undertaking to comply with the new environmental regulations, through new investments. These include the Winoa steel project in France, the one exceuted for Nervacero (Celsa Group) in Spain, or the one for OCL Iron and Steel in India.

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