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Metallic raw materials – the building blocks of the circular economy


Disrupted supply chains during the Covid pandemic and the dependencies on countries such as China have placed the issue of secure raw material supplies on the agenda.
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e-mobility: steel and aluminium in a smart material mix


Casting trends in the automotive industry will feature among the crucial focal themes of the world’s leading foundry trade fair GIFA held as part of the Bright World of Metals in Düsseldorf from 12 to 16 June 2023.
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Digitalisation of foundries – the path towards the future


From Zorc Technology to Tvarit: digitalisation has arrived in the foundry industry. While still standing in the shadow of their sibling sector, the steel industry, foundries have now also realised the potential of digital transformation – driven by the wish to improve the margins of existing business and increasingly by the challenges of decarbonisation.
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Steelworks live and breathe digital transformation


From ArcelorMittal to Thyssenkrupp: digitalisation has arrived in the steel industry – driven by the wish to improve the margins of existing business and increasingly by the challenges of decarbonisation. It is first and foremost improved earnings and extension of the service portfolio rather than disruptive new business models that feature on the agenda of steel mills.
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Green foundry challenge – stony path towards climate neutrality


Castings are indispensable to sustainable and climate-neutral manufacturing. There is no sector of industry that could do without cast components of iron, steel or NF-metals ranging from aluminium to zinc. For export sectors such as automotive and machine tool production the foundry industry is a key sector within their value chains.
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Best practice in the steel industry: How the industry giants tackle the transformation towards climate-neutral production!


CO2-free steel production can only be achieved by a technology shift from coking coal to green hydrogen and electricity from renewable energies. The first steel companies flag up promising ways to climate neutrality.
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Transformation pathways to a climate-neutral metal industry


The world of metals has a special event in store for the coming year. The trade fair quartet of GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST 2023 – known as The Bright World of Metals – will bring together companies and equipment providers of the international steel and aluminium industry, foundries and metal working companies under the roof of Messe Düsseldorf from 12 to 16 June 2023.
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Electromobility would not have a viable future without foundries and steel mills. Major components of the engine, powertrain and body of electric vehicles are made from steel or aluminium – either moulded or cast. Many of the presentations and discussions at GMTN – and particularly at GIFA – from 25. to 29. June 2019 will be focussing on the issues of electromobility and new drive concepts.
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The fax and telephone era in the steel and metal trading business is coming to an end. The winners will be the traders who have been quick and purposeful in the digitisation of their processes. The development will lead to fully automatic steel supply via the Internet of things – with or without steel traders.
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Additive manufacturing


Additive manufacturing is the key issue for production engineering in future. The foundry, steel and aluminium industries have also recognised the potential of 3D printing. For this reason, the trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, NEWCAST 2019 are devoting a special show of its own to the subject of “additive manufacturing”.
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