Premiere in Spain: How hydrogen can decarbonize aluminum production

© Messe Düsseldorf/C. Tillmann

The first ecoMetals Award in the ecoEnergy category went to Hydro ASA (Source: Messe Düsseldorf/C. Tillmann).

© Hydro

Green hydrogen in front of Hydro's plant in Navarra: Nippon Gases supplied the fuel for the green aluminum charge (Source: Hydro)

© Hydro/Fives

Remelting scrap to produce secondary aluminum.The necessary temperatures were achieved by burning hydrogen (source: Hydro/Fives).

© Fives

TwinBed™ II combustion system from Fives (source: Fives).

© Hydro/Fives

Some like it hot: For recycling aluminum scrap, Hydro uses drum furnaces in which scrap waste products from aluminum processing are melted (source: Hydro/Fives)

Source: Hydro

Silver, but green: Aluminum produced with hydrogen (Source: Hydro)