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Industrial energy storage – hopes are high at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Using liquid metal, researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) want to store heat at extremely high temperatures in future. According to KIT, the first prototype for a liquid metal heat store worldwide with a capacity of 100 kilowatt hours of heat has proven that the principle works and offers great potential for defossilising industry.
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Producing climate-neutral raw materials with sustainable energy


A publication issued by the German Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Dechema) about carbon sources and their integration into power-to-X added value chains focuses on options for separating and using carbon dioxide for sustainable production pathways. The technology is an important part of decarbonising the metal industries.
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Secondary metallurgy: chemical composition is key


The strict requirements for modern steels make it necessary for molten crude steel to undergo subsequent treatment. This applies to both the blast furnace-to-converter and electric arc furnace methods. In the steel life cycle, the secondary metallurgy stage takes place between the converter or electric arc furnace and the casting system.
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Transforming industry is inevitable


Climate change is now affecting our daily life. Most recently, political measures have been initiated to slow advancing temperature increases. One of the results of this political activity is the Paris Agreement, which stipulates climate goals for the first time. The aim is to achieve these goals through green industry transformation, among other measures.
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Entering the future with green steel


Green steel is currently the most popular concept in the steel industry’s push to go net zero. The industry’s objective is to make its product, which has been the backbone of industrial production for decades, green in future, gradually reducing its CO₂ emissions to zero in the process.
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Circular economy: alive and well at Feralpi Stahl


In the German town of Riesa, the home of steel company Feralpi Stahl today, around 24 million tonnes of scrap have been turned into steel for productive use since the business was founded in 1992. The steel produced by Feralpi is made from almost 99% recycled material.
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© Messe Düsseldorf/C. Tillmann

Premiere in Spain: How hydrogen can decarbonize aluminum production


On June 15, the ecoMetals Awards were presented for the first time as part of the Düsseldorf trade fair quartet GIFA, METEC; NEWCAST and THERMPROCESS. In keeping with the ecoMetals spirit, the awards, presented in three categories, honor selected industrial companies for their commitment to decarbonization. The winner in the ecoEnergy category was Norsk Hydro ASA (Hydro) from Norway.
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Shortage of skilled workers in the metal sector: companies struggle with problems recruiting young talent


The metal sector is facing an alarming shortage of skilled workers. Demographic change and a lack of young talent have led to a worrying gap between supply and demand. But there are solutions.
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Green, Lean, Digital: Sustainability Meets Productivity


Aluminum plays a key role in the global quest for sustainability: Fully recyclable packaging, components for electric and fuel cell vehicles or electrical storage systems – many key technologies of the energy transition rely on this versatile metal. Without aluminum, there would be no climate protection, one might say.
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The European Hydrogen Bank and the process industry


800 million € – with this amount of money the European Commission wants to boost the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy. As Vice-President of the EU-Commission and Climate Commissioner Frans Timmermans announced on March 16th, the money will be used for the initial establishment of a European Hydrogen Bank.
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