SSAB, Stockholm

SSAB launches tailor-made high-strength steels

“Within the coming 12 months we will release two new hot-rolled advanced high-strength steel grades tailor-made for chassis applications,” says José Puente Cabrero, Portfolio manager, automotive products. “The steels exceed 800 and 1 000 MPa in tensile strength and offer a unique combination of properties for maximized hole expansion and edge ductility.”

SSAB is a producer of advanced high-strength steels for the transport and automotive industries. SSAB helps designers and manufacturers meet new, exacting demands from industry and customers to reduce weight and CO emissions, increase cost efficiency and improve crashworthiness. Through close collaboration with customers, research institutes and universities, the R&D department at SSAB has created a series of new offerings.

SSAB will also introduce new cold-rolled martensitic steels with improved flatness. The latest Docol martensitic steels for cold-formed applications, with a tensile strength above 1 700 MPa, are being designed into upcoming car models.

Thus far, higher tensile strength has affected the ductility of advanced high-strength steel products.

“Now we are going to introduce new press-hardening steels. These are optimized to reach tensile strengths above 2 000 MPa, but with retained good ductility,” says José Puente Cabrero.

SSAB, Stockholm