Shapeline AB, Linköping

Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel starts up a Shapeline flatness system for their new plate mill

The steel producer Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel (JYXC), Jiang Yin, China, has successfully started up a Shapeline Flex flatness measurement system at their new production line for quenched and tempered heavy steel plates. The laser based system is designed to measure flatness on the steel plates directly on-line with high precision. The system installed will be used for controlling the final leveling of the plates after the quenching and tempering as well as for quality control.

Dr. Gu Hongwei, JYXC HTL process specialist says: “Both the Operator and Engineer get faster real time information on the plate flatness during levelling passes and when completed, can adjust the levelling process parameters and levelling passes accordingly. It enables us to easily reduce the levelling time, as well as the risk of missing an error. Our customers are more satisfied with our products now."

“The successful start-up at Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel is a very important step for Shapeline in China” says Magnus Titus, President, Shapeline, “The Chinese steel and metals industry is the biggest in the world, and in rapid development towards more advanced products. Shapeline has now a very good partner in this field, and we are looking forward to a very good cooperation.” 

The Shapeline Flex flatness measurement system at Jiang Yin Xing Chen Special Steel is the first Shapeline system dedicated for quenched and tempered heavy plates in China, and will as such serve as a very good and inspiring reference.

Shapeline AB, Linköping