Heraeus unveils new technology for gilding

Environmentally-sound application for a precious metals product

© Heraeus Holding GmbH

With Heraeus Low Temperature Gold® it is now easier to gild temperature-sensitive metals with real gold © Heraeus Holding GmbH

It is now possible to gild temperature-sensitive metals with real gold: The new Heraeus Low Temperature Gold® precious metal preparation allows for enhancing diverse products, such as glass, aluminum, stainless steel and more, with genuine bright gold.

The new process anneals gold at temperatures between 200 and 250°C. This lower baking temperature makes it possible to gild new products and materials, such as aluminium Up until now, traditional precious metals preparations required baking temperatures of at least 500°C.

Enhance products with gold

Furthermore, the low baking temperature means that a precious metals preparation can be combined with organic colors for the first time. Designers will have a host of new possibilities for refining and enhancing their products. Heraeus is exhibiting potential new applications for lifestyle articles at the Ambiente trade show.

Environmentally friendly decoration

The precious metal preparation can be used in brush and spray applications, as well as directly screen printed. In addition, since Heraeus Low Temperature Gold® is water-based, rather than solvent-based, it is more environmentally-sound.

With Low Temperature Gold® by Heraeus, it's now possible to gild temperature-sensitive materials with real gold.

Quelle: Heraeus Holding GmbH