Fives, Moscow

Fives to supply a new vertical furnace to Posco

Posco, one of the largest autosheet manufacturers in the world, entrusted Fives with a contract for design and supply of a high-performance vertical annealing furnace for the new hot-dip galvanizing line at Posco’s Gwangyang plant in South Korea. In line to expand its production of premium automotive steel sheet for global carmakers, Posco launched the construction of its seventh continuous galvanizing line (CGL) at its biggest and most modern plant of Gwangyang Steelworks on Korea’s southern coast. CGL 7, a specialized production line with an annual production capacity of 500 000 t dedicated to the high-end GI/GA exposed and advanced high strength steels (AHSS), is expected to be completed in 2017.

The vertical annealing furnace is critical process equipment needed to produce the latest AHSS grades, which are becoming an important part of steelmakers’ strategy. Fives will design and supply its latest generation Stein Digiflex vertical annealing furnace, including the patented Flash Cooling technology operating at high H2 rate (up to 65% H2) and the latest AdvanTek 2.0 radiant tube combustion system operating with coke-oven gas. Fives has gained the contract by offering the best operational expense savings, production flexibility, accuracy of operation and compact furnace design.

Fives has been a major automotive steel processing line & furnace supplier with more than 30 references worldwide over last 10 years. The last two continuous galvanizing lines of Posco’s Gwangyang plant, CGL 5 and CGL 6 producing exposed panels and HSS grades, are also equipped with Fives’ vertical annealing furnaces.

Fives, Moscow