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Feng Hsin Steel Co., Ltd relies again on 3-roll RSB-Technology

Feng Hsin Steel Co., Ltd signed a contract with Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG for the delivery and commissioning of a RSB SCS 370++/5 for its works in Taichung City. This RSB of the latest SCS generation will replace the existing Kocks Precision Sizing Block (PSB) operated by Feng Hsin since 1990.

Feng Hsin was founded in 1969 and has 800 employees. The Taiwanese company is a long products producer with a total annual capacity of 1.8 m t of which 0.5 m t are produced in the bar and wire rod mill. In the past years, Feng Hsin has continued to extend its market position becoming one of the leading steel manufacturers in the region. The company has its headquarter in Taichung City in Western Taiwan.

Besides the RSB SCS, the scope of supply comprises the engineering and process for a water cooling line for Low Temperature Rolling, a snap shear and roller tables as well as assembly and commissioning supervision. The contract is completed by the configuration program Bamicon, which calculates, based on the largest database of material characteristics, the optimum adjusting values for motor speeds, rolls and guides as well as the gear stage depending on the required end product; the quickest automatic stand changing system in the industry as well as the rollshop with quick roll change and Capas, the computer-aided system to precisely adjust rolls and roller guides of 3-roll stands.

The RSB SCS is designed for the production of bars and bar in coils (BIC) for a finished dimension range of 14 – 100 mm Ø at a maximum rolling speed of 18 m/s.

The 3-roll RSB SCS is capable of rolling all possible finished bar sizes out of only one pass series in the roughing and intermediate mill and thus significantly reduces the number of required feeders. Any desired finished dimension of the dimensional range can be produced in any desired rolling sequence with a minimum number of roll sets and just a few stand changes. With this modernization project Feng Hsin Steel Co., Ltd will improve the quality of the end product and increase the profitability of the mill.

Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG, Hilden