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The combination of the Furnace Mathematical Model and the EMG IMPOC on a Continuous Galvanizing Line drives the optimization of High Strength Steels

EMG IMPOC: Schematic diagram of the operating principle

The share of high strength steel products is continuously increasing in the flat sheet steel industry.

The growing complexity of the process and the high requirement in quality have led to the introduction of the newest Furnace Mathematical Model combined with EMG IMPOC, an online quality measuring device. The Mathematical Model by Drever implemented at Segal integrates the latest self-adaptation technique, Advanced Transition Management technology and annealing process optimization. It is designed to allow a synchronous automatic control of the annealing furnace and the process line speed.

EMG IMPOC is based on the magnetic remanence principle for non-destructive determination of the mechanical properties of ferromagnetic steel strips. A regression analysis of the IMPOC value with the results of the destructive tests and the recorded data is the basis for modeling the online determination of the tensile strength and yield strength for different steel grades.

For every four meters of strip, the Furnace Mathematical Model monitors the process history along with the online determined mechanical properties. The analysis by SMS Siemag of this data, obtained from several months of production, enabled the observation and the explanation of the influence of different process settings and values (e.g. line speed, furnace temperatures and steel grade) on the mechanical properties on a quantitative basis.

There are numerous benefits of combining the new Furnace Mathematical Model, the IMPOC device and the data analysis as follows:

The new Furnace Mathematical Model enables increased production of the line by up to 15 %

The new Furnace Mathematical Model opens the door to the optimization of Dual Phase steel quality in general

The EMG IMPOC system enables faster release procedure, and also enables online monitoring of the steel quality

Data analysis indicates parameters along the production line that can be improved

Looking ahead, all relevant data from the hot rolling stage will soon be utilized to enable direct optimization of steel quality for the individual coil

For the coming years SMS Siemag I-Furnace (Intelligent Furnace) is a concept which ensures an efficient and resource saving production of high-quality steel strips. This approach involves the IMPOC system by EMG, the Furnace Mathematical Model by Drever, the metallurgical model and data-driven models by SMS Siemag and opens up new ways for the annealing process.

The introduction of the combination of the online quality measurement system EMG IMPOC along with a Furnace Mathematical Model also allows the possibility to adjust the annealing peak metal temperature. One main benefit is the reduction of energy costs. As a side effect, the line speed (and thus the productivity) can be increased by several percent.

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