The 2014 Shanghai Automotive and Die Casting Exhibition

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Many leaders attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for the exhibition © 2014 Diecasting China Web/

2014 Shanghai automotive casting exhibition and the second precision die casting exhibition was held by Shanghai International Automotive City, National Auto & auto parts Export Base (Shanghai) and China Die Casting Web.

Many leaders attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony for the exhibition, such as Shanghai International Automobile City, SAIC, Nantong Hongtu, Buller (China), Guangdong Hongtu, Nantong Hongtai, Julang Kailong, Shanghai Kelaisile, Nantong Bei Xin Cheng, Chongqing Boao, China Die Casting Web etc.

Organizeing director Shan Chunrong from Shanghai International Automobile City Group Limited company, the CEO Zhou Shaojie from China die casting web welcomed guests for this exhibition, director Xu Bing from SAIC Motor passenger vehicle company made a speech for this exhibition, and expressed the earnest hope and congratulations.

In addition to the organizer, other media such as, SMM, My Youse Web, China Die Casting Mould Web also participated in the exhibition.

The exhibition has gathered nearly 100 exhibitors including Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Fujian, Tianjin, Henan, Inner Mongolia and other well-known enterprises.

Buller (China), Julang Kailong, Beijing Walker, Nantong Hongtu, Shandong Yinguang, Shanghai magnesium magnesium, Shanghai YaDelin, Yite Pei Lei si, Shanxi Zhongde aluminium, Jia Rui group, Shanghai Dragon Airlines, Chongqing Sheng mei magnesium industry etc., were carrying the most advanced products, communicated the new concept of technology in the industry, exchanged and fused by the platform. The exhibition had a significantly business value, and received widespread praise by participants.

The second focus was on precision casting, with many professional buyers, including automotive, power tools, medical, hardware and other fields, involved materials including aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy die-casting.

This exhibition had the unique resources and large information by the platform of China Die Casting web. The crowd was surging in the exhibition scene, the atmosphere was very warm.

General manager Zhao of Beijing Walker Applied Technology Co., Ltd., said that they gained a lot in this exhibition, not only associated with more customers and friends, but also had a more intuitive understanding for the latest information and dynamic of die casting market. "In Shanghai, we can accumulate experience with geographical advantage, so I believe the future exhibitions will be more and more prosperous."

With automobile castings increasing in casting industry, more and more casting enterprises will aim at auto parts production and processing.

2014 Shanghai Automotive Castings Exhibition and the Second Precision Die Casting Exhibition has been a great success, the exhibitors and visitors communicated warmly, convey confidence of industry sustainable development to the global die casting , show a vitality to the world a die casting industry in three days exhibition period.

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