Technical innovations in and around the engine

KSPG AG will be showcasing a wide variety of products for reducing fuel consumption and emissions

© 2015 KSPG AG

Sketch of KSPG's stand at IAA 2015 © 2015 KSPG AG

Included among the exhibits is an electric compressor for spontaneously boosting charge pressure on engines with an exhaust-gas turbocharger.

On the around 500 square meter stand, the Hardparts division (Kolbenschmidt brand) will display its newest developments in steel pistons for car engines and its modern lightweight pistons. Among the other innovations is a preassembled, ready-to-fit thrust bearing specifically designed for hybrid drive trains and high-efficiency engines. Further focal points include low-weight structural parts in aluminum and high-duty engine blocks some of which with the newest coatings. Riken Corporation, a market leader in piston ring technology, will also be present on the stand. In April this year, Riken and KS Kolbenschmidt agreed to cooperate on a global scale in the development and marketing of piston assemblies.

Intelligent heat and energy management that integrates several coolant cycles plays a decisive role in today's motor vehicle engines. The Mechatronics division (Pierburg brand) will display a new kind of seat switching valve suitable for split cooling. Likewise included among the highlights is a new-generation divert-air valve and electrically controlled bypass flaps for exhaust-gas recirculation systems as well as the CWA 950-48V coolant pump. In 48 volt systems, this pump delivers 950 watt output, thanks to the higher supply voltage. Variable, fully variable and electric oil, vacuum and coolant pumps are also on show. These adapt flexibly to the respective engine load conditions, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Source: KSPG AG