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TES (TRANSFORMER ELECTRO SERVICE), designs and builds new excellence for the Great Names in the Energy industry and supplies ERG with a new power transformer for the refinery of Priolo Gargallo, a leading oil terminal in the Mediterranean, extraordinary in terms of size, complexity and integration with electrical and chemical activities.

The innovative company from Brescia that won the tender issued by the Company has become, in about ten years, one of the main partners of all major Italian utilities (Enel, A2A, Edison, AGSM just to mention a few), making the construction of power machines and the offer of an excellent diagnostic and maintenance service its distinguishing characteristic and strength.

When ERG decided to improve their plants they realized that their two transformers had to be replaced with a single one able to work in such a complex and big system.
ERG ordered a single Three-phase Transformer with three windings and 120 MVA rated power; the two secondary windings, with 80 and 40 MVA power respectively, had to be able to feed the different refinery loads minimizing interference between the two Medium Voltage levels; so the transformer had to be equipped with an internal reactor to decouple the two circuits. The challenge of the company from Brescia was also to build a tailored machine that interfaces the existing plant with the advantage of keeping the available energy supply elements totally unaffected (MV panels, cables, etc.).

The companies that operate in the market of power transformers and that can meet a job order like this are rare and precious: TES is one of these. In only 13 years the company from Brescia has reached quality levels that allow it to take part in very important contracts, making the tailor made and service division its major strengths.

In fact, thanks to the extensive experience gained in the field of maintenance and repair of machines, even of third party’s production, now TES designs, builds, tests and commissions power transformers up to 420 kV and 400 MVA, special transformers with power higher than 200 MVA and MV/MV distribution transformers with over 10 MVA power and voltage up to 72.5 kV.

This is why it was so ready and efficient to develop all technical specifications required by the project assigned to it, which led it to build the new ERG Power Three-phase Transformer with the following characteristics: 120/ 80-40 MVA rated power, 150 kV primary voltage and 31.5-10.95 kV secondary voltage, 23-position OLTC, connection star with neutral/star with neutral-triangle, totalling a mass of 143000 kg.

When companies like ERG recruit suppliers, they require additional guarantees for the product that should be reliable, safe, with low environmental impact and maintenance operations that do not require any system stop.
TES was clearly above to guarantee the quality levels required, thanks to the specialization and the over ten-year experience gained from in-situ, ordinary and extraordinary preventive maintenance of any power transformers and the continuous commitment to research into the most advanced technological innovations.

Today the company from Brescia can boast of being an exemplary reference in the Italian scenario of energy production and distribution, reaching and even surpassing in just over a decade the level of multinationals and historical competitors. This is also due to the excellent after-sales and emergency service, which avails itself of the most advanced diagnostic tests for troubleshooting or discovering faults and can solve any problem related to installed transformers allowing the restoration of normal work conditions in short time.

TES is the ideal partner because they know that transmission and distribution of electricity must be guaranteed non-stop and the reliability and redundancy of some strategic components of the system, including transformers, are very important elements to meet the needs of the modern market.

TES has been chosen by:

ERG (Italy, 2009)

EDISON SPA (Italy, 2008)

ENEL (Romania, 2009)

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