Sermas Industrie

Slicing + Milling machines for Aluminium large products

Slicing saw for aluminium plates before milling operation

Sermas Industrie has developed an ambitious process to shorten the circuit between Aluminium producers and the plates and blocks users.

This fantastic alternative to the rolling process represents many advantages such as: money savings, short delivery time, possibility to produce small volumes with small ecological impact, and above all material with high machinability & stability.

First step, the slicing horizontal band-saw: designed for customized plates and blocks production, with high flexibility.

Advantage of the technology:
- High cutting capacity and accuracy
- Very good surface roughness
- Minimized quantity of chips
- Customized product handling

We propose integration into existing plant/processwith turnkey projects.

Products to be cut: Every Aluminium alloys (typically 5083, 2618, 7005) with following raw dimensions:

- Length : 4000 to 7500 mm
- Width : 1800 to 3200 mm
- Thickness : 400 to 1100 mm

Second step: MILLING operation [outstanding performance Ra 0,4 µm on 3200 mm width reached with our milling machine].
- Designed to finish the surface of the sawn plate and get cut plates with a roughness surface similar to the rolled plates.
- Able to handle cast plates with thickness up to 200 mm, length up to 7500 mm and width up to 3200 mm and guarantee a maximum roughness of Ra 0,4µm.
- Gantry-type construction with 1 mobile table.

This machine is the perfect complement of our slicing saw.

To manipulate the plate and protect the finished surfaces, Sermas Industrie can provide the best complementary equipment such as plate vacuum manipulator, plate tilting device, film coating machine…

Our project management ensures for the customer conformity with our quality standards.

The very high quality in manufacturing is obtained without any compromise.

Tests are done in our workshop and every steps of commissioning are quality controlled.

It is oriented to give the plates and blocks distributor the best combination of quality and flexibility, in order to fulfill the highest requirements from the end users.