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Tandem band-saws for plates edges+cross cutting

SERMAS Industry is applying the famous French motto to its solutions and supports its customers towards the best performances.

Located in the French Alps, surrounded by mountains whom dimensions inspire maybe, the company’s creativity to provide machines that can slice up to 3.2m, mill up to 3.2 m and cut plates up to 40 m long.
Evidenced in 2013 by the sale of two tailors made giant plate saws’, for very demanding customers.
Even if the global market slows at the moment, it is significant, that the demand is exponential for these equipment.
Those robust saws for Aluminium plates or stack of plates are used in the aircraft and marine industry.
Some data about this equipment:
- Every Aluminium alloys
- Thickness: 20-200 mm (possibility up to 450 mm)
- Width: 0.7 – 2.7 m (possibility up to 4.5 m)
- Length: 4 - 42 m
Accuracy on final products:
- length +/- 1 mm max length < 10 m - +/- 2 mm otherwise
- width +/- 1 mm

Performance is reached when the cadences are held, and the SERMAS billet saws keep this promise.
With a typical output of 1 billet every 30 seconds depending on the diameter of billets to be cut (diameter: 12, “16 to 18”) those robust and reliable machines can be integrated in workshops with a minimum of civil work.
Fully automatized, the result is an ultra-precise cut with the following data:
- Squarness: from ± 0,2 ] to 0,5]
- Length : ± 1 mm
- Roughness Ra: Ra ≤ 8 µm

Our expertise lies in the after-sales services, with a dedicated department.
From consumables to spare parts, from detailed diagnosis to technical assessments of each sub-assembly; every sector of the Services are covered.
Our team of commercial engineers and technicians are travelling all around the world to meet their customers and market.
Hope that Citius, Altius, Fortius will give a chance to the aluminium industry. Sermas will be there to cut, mill, and serve its customers...