Heraeus Electro-Nite GmbH & Co. KG

Quik Analyses directly in the Molten Steel

New System determine the steel much faster

QuiK-Lab a sublance sensor analyses directly on the shop floor – no need for any sample preparation

At the GIFA fair, 16. - 20. June in Düsseldorf, Heraeus will present an real remarkable new system.

The system consists of a high-end spectrometer with an automated calibration (called QuiK-Lab) and a sublance sensor. The sensor offers besides bath temperature, liquidus temperature or oxygen content and a preparation-free sample.

With this innovative system, the operator of the convertor knows within 1 minute besides the bath temperature and the liquidus temperature also the Mn, P and S content of the molten metal.

The QuiK-Lab contains of a high-end spectrometer, which is automatically calibrate during a period of different months with the help of a robot and specially developed calibration standards.

The big time gain in chemical analysis is realised because the QuiK-Lab is located on the shop floor and because the sample doesn’t need any sample preparation like grinding or milling.

This accelerates and increases the production of steel, because the industry has no longer to wait for the test results from the laboratory. Simultaneously the manufacturing process improves, because important information about the steel composition are immediately available. In 2013 honored with an innovation award from Heraeus, the technology group now provides the marketable innovation for the steel industry at GIFA.

Heraeus Electro-Nite offers a wide range of different probes and instruments for use in iron foundries, furthermore there is more to discover at the fair, for example the “Qube”. This is a system to link the measuring probe wireless (WLAN) with the measuring instrument. Thus, Heraeus continues to work to network foundry and laboratory even better.