Welding Alloys Group

New high performance flux-cored wire

Submerged arc welding with WA Corresist

Welding Alloys Group announces a new variant of flux-cored welding wire for cladding upper segment rolls within the continuous casting process.

This new product, WA Corresist, has been designed to overcome the aggressive corrosion & wear associated problems which occur in the upper segments of Continuous Casting machines.

WA Corresist is the culmination of many years of research and development at Welding Alloys. Trials have been conducted with customers across the globe and WA Corresist has performed consistently well. Corresist is an iron-based super alloy with Nitrogen addition which offers exceptional performance in high temperatures where rolls are subject to severe corrosion and loss in diameter.
The unrivalled performance of Corresist results in much longer life of continuous casting rolls, leading to a reduction in off-line maintenance cost.

Benefits of WA Corresist include:
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Improved caster utilisation & productivity
• Reduction in off-line maintenance and roll swap outs
• Improved slab / billet quality
• A reduced number of breakouts