Morgan Molten Metal Systems GmbH

MorganMMS Spotlighting Z2 Syncarb Crucible

June 28, 2011 – Morgan Molten Metal Systems (MorganMMS) is featuring its Z2 Syncarb crucible as a part of its multi-product booth exhibit at GIFA. The Z2 Syncarb, which offers significant advantages in energy efficiency, higher thermal conductivity and other performance advantages so critical to the melting process, can be viewed alongside other MMMS crucibles and foundry products in Hall 11, #J31.
The Z2 Syncarb is a high pressure, isostatically pressed clay-graphite crucible that achieves optimal life when melting copper and copper alloys and in induction furnace applications. At the same time, several applications have demonstrated that the new Z2 Syncarb performs exceptionally well in zinc distillation operations as well, where a common mode of crucible failure is corrosive attack from the Zn vapors.

"We’ve experienced a very dramatic improvement in average crucible life with Z2 crucibles versus other products used in the past, nearly four times the life in fact,” said MorganMMS customer, Carl Bednark of MetalTek International. “We expect the Z2 Syncarb to have a major impact on our operations.”

A number of popular MorganMMS crucible brands are on display in its booth at GIFA. Also, complementing their extensive line of crucibles is a large selection of foundry products that enhance metal quality while eliminating impurities. The MorganMMS booth will also feature its highly efficient degassing rotors that are outlasting competitive products by a factor of at least 2:1. These rotors assist in removing hydrogen and undesirable contaminants from molten metal, thereby improving strength and surface finish properties of the castings.