Mineral cast system KIPP block

Persuasive absorption properties

© Heinrich Kipp Werk KG

KIPP Mineral cast cube tombstone © Heinrich Kipp Werk KG

HEINRICH KIPP WERK places a lot of importance on individuality in the production of "KIPP block": cube tombstones, clamping plates and other forms are tailored to the respective requirements of the customer. The cast mineral elements have excellent absorption properties and are very low weight.

KIPP relies on customized solutions in the production of mineral cast clamping elements. The advantage of the system is its great flexibility of design. Threaded inserts and guides are fitted precisely into the mould. Anchor bolts, pneumatic and hydraulic connections can also be easily integrated upon request.

KIPP block elements are non-corroding. They are made of mineral cast, a two-component material that is cold cast and subsequently hardened. Towers and panels exhibit excellent absorption properties and minimal thermal conductivity. They also have a low unloaded weight. With a density of approx. 2.3 kg / dm³, the material is lighter than aluminium.

The mineral cast system is used, among other things, in fixture and workholding construction. This creates cost advantages due to higher rapid traverse speeds, lower tool wear, improved surface quality and shorter production times. The decreased load on the machine is also a crucial factor. KIPP block elements are available in different sizes - with or without steel jacket. As standard, the elements are available with the grid systems M12/F7 and 16/F7 with grid 40 and 50.

Source: Heinrich Kipp Werk KG