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Compact two-colour pyrometer for induction heating machines processes

Pyrometer CellaTemp PKL 68

Modern two-colour pyrometers detect the infrared heat radiation to determine the temperature at the same time and place. A quotient is then calculated from the two measured radiation intensities. This value is approximately proportional to the temperature
The big advantage of a two-colour pyrometer is that the temperature value remains at a constant level, even when the infrared radiation emitted from the target is reduced, for example, by dust, vapour or dirty protective glasses.
It is another advantage of this measurement principle that the target object may be of a smaller size than the target marker in the pyrometer's viewpath. This makes a two-colour pyrometer less sensitive the correct focus distance and to target adjustment and inaccuracies when measuring small targets, such as spots in induction heating systems.
The newest high performance processors technology, complex converters and IO components with new functionalities made it possible to integrate a two-colour pyrometer in such a compact housing design with integrated display and keyboard.
In addition to the measured temperature, the device displays warnings and error reports, e.g. for incorrect connections or inadmissible operating conditions.
The new two-colour pyrometer is equipped with a patented LED spot light. It shows both the exact position and the true size of the measuring point in the focus distance.
In addition to its analogue output, the CellaTemp PKL 68 has two switching outputs that provide a wide variety of configurations and combinations. For example, in an inductive billet heating process, the pyrometer offers the option to directly discard too cold and too hot billets separately from each other.