The “Leichtbau in Guss 2014” convention in Bad Gögging, Germany

Ambitious conference proved to be successful resulting in a jump of up to 100 new participants last year

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AUDI - Pressure Die Casting Plant in Münchsmünster, Germany © 2014 Fritsch Media GmbH

The positive turnout displayed how well the topics are received within this industry.

Conference leader Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Volk of Technical University Munich, Germany presented at the beginning of the event the importance of cooperation between industry and science and the possibilities of funding in this area.

Points of focus of the event were “Process and Plant engineering for all Light metal casting Processes” and “Which casting process leads to success?”.

Attendees were able to obtain an optimal overview about current process planning from large car producers and innovative ideas about sand casting with local different mechanical properties from RWP Consulting, the maker of WinCast.

Trends were also conveyed trends of the optimization and further development of casting processes and its advantages of casting-quality by Foundries like Nemak and the light metal foundry of BMW,Volkswagen and AUDI.

Further speeches came from lecturers of the universities and the supplier industry.

A highlight of the event following Mr. Burkhard Fuchs speech, was the visit to the new greenfield casting house of AUDI in Münchsmünster. Visitors got an insight into to quality-management and process-lines from melting, to Pouring and handling of a series of production parts.

In summary, the well-organized, interesting and successful event will certainly arouses curiosity for the next upcoming meeting in 2015.

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